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Hi, my name is Lisa. My company offers overnight tours on a klotok boat to enjoy the rain forest and visit orangutans. Tanjung Puting National Park Borneo, Kumai area cultural tourism that you can choose as nature lovers and forest lovers.

We will take you to the inner forest of Kalimantan to explore it and see the activities where they feed the forest people and the history of the Orangutan feeding station. During your trip to Klotok, we also offer you a taste of various traditional Kalimantan menus. You can relax and enjoy the view from morning to night before you fall asleep. Pamper you with the sounds of the river currents, birds chirping, the sound of swaying branches and so on.


I come from Banyuwangi, but moved to live in Kumai with my small family. It is been a long time since I lived in Kumai. I love the nature of the forest in Kumai and the beautiful scenery in the morning and the air that is still not polluted.

Before starting my own business. I have worked in this field following in the footsteps of my friends who are also tour operators. Until finally I took care of the business opening license, opened an office, and carried out this activity for many years. I am happy with my work, with added value I also share knowledge and many good things that I found from the crew and guests who came.

At first I ran this business with my husband to open an inn for tourists. With limited English. Gradually the visitors became more and more crowded and not a few of them asked us to take care of and prepare their trip. We have started to enjoy and like our activities in taking care of foreign guests.

Our hotel named Majid Hotel is located on Jl. H. Moh. Idris, Kumai Hulu, Kec. Kumai, Kotawaringin Barat Regency, Central Kalimantan 74181. If you need a place to stay close to the Orangutan port in Kumai, you can book a room at our hotel because it makes it easier for you to go get ready to the port due to its close distance. While taking care of hotels and tours we continue to try to understand and understand what kind of tour you expect. We really hope to fulfill your wishes. At first we did not understand about English but the circumstances made us try to learn and understand English in order to communicate with the customer.

While our office is located at Iskandar Airport, Pangkalan bun, Madurejo, Kec. Arut Sel., West Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan 74181. When you arrive at the airport, you can immediately book a tour through our staff at the airport. You can book a tour like what you want the food you avoid, as well as arrange a tour departure schedule and adjust it to your return schedule. We are also involved in organizational activities for ship crews, tour guides, and tour agents, our office also has several staff and our own crew. I will help you make the comfortable and pleasant journey you wish for. I also hope you don't visit just once, I hope you will miss our forest and come back.

I will also invite you to explore the city of food and historical places as well as beaches and Dayak villages. You can consult with me about what kind of tour you want.

I hope you have an unforgettable good experience with us.

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